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St. Wolfgang and his church St. Wolfgang’s Bavarian Guild was a fellowship of friends in the Portland, Oregon area (and earlier in the San Francisco Bay Area) who revelled in Renaissance Faire play. Year after year, over 50 performers in authentically detailed costumes recreated the splendor of those days from long ago.

From 1985-2004, we portrayed the wealthy and powerful Wittelsbach dynasty which ruled Bavaria (now a part of Germany) for 738 years, as well as Queen Mary of Scotland and her court. Shown on the right are Duke Albrecht and Duchess Anna Wittelsbach as portrayed by Ken & Bobbi Overton.

Each summer fair season, our guild represented a different year in history at Faires throughout California and the Pacific Northwest area.

Our guild was named after St. Wolfgang of Regensberg (pictured on the left), born in Bavaria in 924, and canonized by Pope Leo IX in 1052. He is the patron saint of education and children. His memorial day is October 31, commemorating his death in 994.

Our Duke & Duchess


St. Wolfgang's Bavarian Guild News

Dear Friends,

These pages are now a time capsule recording of most of the events
at which St. Wolfgang' performed in the Pacific Northwest from 1999 - 2004.

There are also pictures from the Henry the VIII faires from
northern Califonia in the 1980's

We would like to thank all of those wonderful people
we met at all of the events pictured here.

The memories we have will be treasured forever.

Thank you from all of us,

Marty Richmond

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Assistant Guildmaster - Dan DeMoy
Sir Dan DeMoy

Guildmaster - Steven M. Overton
Sir Steven M. Overton
Artistic Director

Webmaster - Marty Richmond
Sir Marty Richmond

The Duke & Duchess - Ken & Bobbi Overton
Sir Ken & Lady
Bobbi Overton
The Duke & Duchess



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