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The Robin Hood Characters


Robin Hood









OK, here's where we can color, cut out and assemble all of the Robin Hood characters.

They are stored in PDF format, so as you click on each one below, a new page will open up with each characters drawing on it. You can print each one out, and then color them. If you want really big puppets, you can take them to a copier which prints on 11 x 17" paper and make bigger copies of them. You can see how we colored most of our characters in the pictures on the left-hand side of this page. By clicking on the color pictures, they are grow-biggerable.

You will also need crayons or drawing markers, and a few solid brass fasteners (sometimes called brads), that are used to hold paper together, some cardboard (file-folder weight works well) to glue the pieces onto, glue, and some paint stirring sticks

1. Print out this page to save the directions, then print out each image in turn. When you are done printing each picture, use your "back" button to return here.)

2. Color all the pieces to your liking. Do not cut out yet!!!

3. Glue each now colored picture to the thin cardboard and let dry. (Spray glue works best)

4. Cut out on heavy black lines. Ask for an adult to help with this step if you need it.

5. Have an adult make a small hole where each body parts attaches (an ice pick or awl works well for this) and in the body part itself. The attachment places are indicated by the large black dots. Some pieces mount behind the main part of the puppet, while some mount on the front. If you click on the color images to the left, they will grow larger and help you determine positioning.

6. Attach the pieces tightly together with the brads.

7. For stability, you can glue each character to a stir stick from a paint store. (Hot glue or Elmers works best) Do not glue any moving parts to the stick. If you are working the puppets from below your stage, you should have the excess length of wood sticking down below the puppet. If from above, then sticking above. If you paint the sticks black before gluing, they will hide better.


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Below are the links to each of the character drawings.

Robin Hood

Costume Disguises for Robin Hood

Maid Marian

Friar Tuck

King Richard

Little John

Sheriff of Nottingham

Prince John

Will Scarlet

The Potter

Sir Guy

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