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Three Billy Goats Ruff

Here's how to make your very own Goats

Pieces of Baby Goat

Baby Goat ready to cut out

Legs, head, tail and ears of Mama Goat

Body of Mama Goat

Mama Goat ready to cut out

Legs, head, tail and ears of Papa Goat

Body of Papa Goat

Papa Goat ready to cut out

There are two ways to complete this project:

1. Click on the image of the completed goat, to the left. That will take you to a new page that you can print out. Simply cut out around the image and you're done. OR:

2. Click on the image of the needed pieces to the left. (The baby goat to assemble is all on one page, while Mama and Papa Goat are each on two pages - each page has a "Back" button to return you here).

Print out the images of each goat on the heaviest white paper your printer will handle. Set your printer to the best resolution. This will make the finished project look the best when you are done.

If you use ordinary weight paper, you might want to glue the page to a second page of thin cardboard before cutting the images out on the heavy black lines. You may want to print out each finished goat to show you where the pieces go after you cut them out.

You'll need patience and a very sharp pair of scissors, because the pieces will be quite small. You can use ordinary white glue to attach the pieces together. Ask an adult for help if you need it, if you are doing it this way.


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