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Chelsey, the Baby Dragon

Here's how to make your very own Chelsey rod and shadow puppet

Chelsey, the Baby Dragon, Finished

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1. Print out this page to save the directions, then click anywhere on the picture to go to the page you can download and print out. (When you are done printing, use your "back" button to return here.)
You will also need crayons, three long straws, We use Balloon Sticks, - but you can also use pieces of coathanger wire, or the long straws for those Giant Gulps from 7-11 - and a few solid brass fasteners (sometimes called brads), that are used to hold paper together, and some cardboard (file-folder weight works well) to glue the pieces onto.
1a. (Recommended:) Enlarge the drawing on a copy machine to the size of your choice. 11" x 14" or 11"x 17" paper works well.
2. Color all the pieces to your liking.
3. Glue all pieces to the thin cardboard and let dry. (Option-The Chelsey in the picture we took to a local photocopy shop and had them laminate it on both sides before we cut it out. This makes it stronger and also preserves the finish.)
4. Cut out on heavy black lines. Ask for an adult to help with this step if you need it.
5. Have an adult make a small hole or slit 1/2" from the end through each of three straws. (an ice pick or awl works well for this) Then make another hole or slit 7 1/2" from the first hole in one of the three straws. Make small round holes in Chelsey where indicated on the drawing. (or you can tape or wrap a loop of string or bag tie at the points where a brad needs to attach the stick to the puppet.
6. Attach A to A, B to B, C to C and D to D loosely with brads.
7. Attach the straw with two holes to both S-1's, another straw to S2 and another straw to S-3 with brads.


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